Family Easter Club

Family Easter Club

'For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that whoever believes in him will not die but have eternal life' - John 3:16

School term comes to an end and ways to entertain the kids during the holidays becomes the goal if you have young children. Add that together with the fact that the story of Easter is the most important and wonderful story to tell, and the solution was a no-brainer - let's run an Easter edition of our family summer club, 'Family EASTER Club'!

Toys and crafts and a team were gathered, the space prepared and the snacks stocked up, ready to welcome guests from our local community. But 'who will come?' and 'how many?' we wondered. Well it didn't take us long to fill up to capacity on the first of our two days of running, with a lovely mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces and ages coming to join us. Easter basket making and chocolate nest cooking got underway, and on day 2, mini Easter gardens were planted and Easter cookies decorated. Yum!

From tiny tots to pre-teens, to parents and nannies, it was great to connect and reconnect with the families and individuals that 'stayed & played.'

When it came to 'Story Time' we got comfortable on bean bags and chairs and watched a video, then it was time for little ones to jump to their feet and become actors. We had yelling crowds, palm leaf wavers, donkey riders, foot washers, and loyal friends, all acted by our impromptu cast. It's our love for the central character in this story that has brought us together as a church family. We are not made righteous and close to Father God by anything we could ever do, but by Jesus' selfless gift of his own life on the cross that dark day many years ago. It's through his resurrection, three days later, that we can be forgiven, filled with his Spirit, and have the free gift of eternal & abundant life - life to the full! This truly is the best news, and that's why we gather on Sundays to worship with grateful hearts.

All too soon our Easter egg hunt was done, the two days were over, and it was time to pack up our toys and tents, ready for our Easter service that evening.

Thank you to everyone who came and took time to connect with us. We count it a privilege to be somewhere you and your children are happy to come and feel at home in. Come back to see us again soon!

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